The historic industrial space of “Fougaro” is a landmark for Nafplio city since it is situated in the area formerly used as the Canning Industry “Anthos”.

Just three kilometers away from the city of Nafplio, situated in Aslklipiou St, the “Fougaro” has been transformed into a place of Recreation and Expressiveness, featuring an art and sciences library, exhibition and concert rooms, art workshops for the young and the old, a cafeteria and the “Art-Shop”, a shop formerly operating in the city center.

The “Fougaro” aspires to become an Interactive Work of Art, triggering the mind and the senses, according to Florika P. Kyriakopoulou, who took the initiative of the complete metamorphosis of the area. It can possibly turn into a stamping ground, crammed with Life, and positively and actively contribute to the cultural status quo of Argolida prefecture, through activities that can stimulate quality and the aesthetic search for things.

– The area was first used in the first half of the 20th century as a tomato canning industry, under the name “Anthos”.

– It came under the ownership of Florika P. Kiriakopoulou in 1997.

– The old factory’s remoulding into a Recreation and Expressiveness Area started in 2002.

– There have been investments in the area of geothermal energy in order to meet energy needs of the complex.

– The new owner has sought to make the complex a scheduled-preservable one, judging from the historical basis of the industrial area and has succeeded in doing so in 2004.


Asklipiou St, 98
211 00 NAFPLIO
Tel. No.: 27520 47300
The Funnel Café

Monday – Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday – Sunday:  18.00 – 01.00
Tel.No.:  27520 47347

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